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In many instances, an incapacitated person may be the victim of a fraudulent transfer, abuse of a power of attorney or other actions resulting in a significant depletion of his/her assets. The only remedy in these situations may be the appointment of a guardian pursuant Article 81 the New York Mental Hygiene Law. Novick & Associates has assisted families in these situations by securing the appointment of a guardian and obtaining the immediate relief to secure the assets of the incapacitated family member. A New York estate litigation lawyer from our firm is very familiar with the process and the type of documentation that the court will expect if you hope to have the matter resolved quickly.

Elderly individuals can be subject to certain types of undue pressure with regard to their finances and other assets from a variety of sources, including caregivers, attorneys, relatives, friends, and clergy. When the individual is in a weakened state and the decisions they make are no longer valid, it can become exceptionally dangerous for them and for their heirs as well. This is also a problem when they suffer from certain illnesses or conditions and are unable to make a competent decision about healthcare.

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In such cases, it is absolutely imperative that a guardianship proceeding is undertaken to help them avoid serious health issues or to protect their estate from predators. There are individuals and companies that specifically target the elderly. These elderly persons are often unable to identify the fact that the friendly person they have met has a covert financial goal. Sadly, these predators can take advantage of an older person with regard to investments, loans or other financial matters that greatly diminish the value of the estate that was intended for specific named beneficiaries.

If you suspect that the assets of an incapacitated family member are at risk, contact a New York guardianship attorney from our firm for immediate assistance.

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