Real Estate Partition Action in New York

New York Estate Litigation Lawyer: Real Estate Partitions

In many instances, the beneficiaries of an estate inherit property that they now own with each other. One or more beneficiaries may want to sell the property while others, often those living in the property, do not. To compel a sale of the property, a partition action is required. These difficult issues need to be addressed with skill and a New York estate litigation attorney from our legal team has the experience to assist you in pursuing the value of your inheritance that was given to you under the terms of an estate.

Assistance in Real Estate Partitions for Beneficiaries

With over 30 years of experience, the team at Novick & Associates has filed actions in the Supreme Courts throughout the New York Metropolitan area in order to compel the sale of property to ensure that our clients receive their share of its value. These legal issues must be addressed by a law firm with extensive experience and a proven record of success. Our firm has served New York area individuals and families in a wide range of estate matters for decades, and we are often called upon to take legal action to ensure that a beneficiary receives their rightful inheritance in complex property ownership issues.

These legal issues can become complex, and internal family matters can be extremely difficult both legally and financially. Ensuring that your rights and interests are protected is imperative. The complexities can include issues in which one family member refuses to leave a property and makes it impossible to sell and get the benefit of an inheritance. A partition agreement is a remedy that is available to a beneficiary of an estate. This action will also allow for a full accounting of the value of the property in question which can be an important issue in estate litigation issues in shared property in an inheritance. The court can order a partition and sale of the property allowing the beneficiary to get their rightful inheritance. Our legal team is very familiar with this process and is available to discuss your situation and advise you how to best move forward in your individual case.

If you are the owner of property and are unable to obtain your share of its value, contact a New York estate planning attorney from our firm for immediate assistance.

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