Article 17A Guardianship

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Appointing Guardianship Through Article 17A

New York State law assumes that anyone 18 years of age or older has the ability to take care of themselves. This is sometimes known as inherent legal competence. The issue that quickly stems from this notion is that people who have had mental incapacities or developmental disabilities their whole lives are unlikely going to be able to handle everything that comes their way, such as important medical or financial decisions.

It is up to loved ones to move for a court to assign guardianship through Article 17A. To prove to the state that the individual requires such guardianship, a certification from either two physicians or one physician and one psychologist must be provided.

Responsibilities of the Guardian

No two guardianship cases are the same. Each is unique to the individuals involved, so if you are assigned guardianship through Article 17A, you could have an array of responsibilities or only a few.

A guardian might be in charge of the mentally disabled person's:

  • Financial obligations
  • Medical care plans
  • Property control or maintenance
  • Housing and hygiene

It should be noted that being assigned a guardian does not mean you must become an in-home nurse for the person in question. Although, it could mean that you will have to hire such a professional on their behalf to check on or care for them regularly.

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