New York Wrongful Death Lawyer

Beneficiaries of Wrongful Death Compensation and Legal Resolution

When a decedent is killed as a result of the negligence of another party, his/her estate has a claim for wrongful death. The proceeds of a wrongful death recovery are distributed to those heirs who were financially dependent upon the decedent. Disputes often arise among heirs over the distribution of wrongful death proceeds. A New York estate litigation attorney from our firm is very familiar with the legal issues in the distribution of wrongful death claim proceeds and how to protect the rights of a close family member that has a rightful claim to a portion or all of the settlement.

Wrongful Death Claims in New York

The legal team at Novick & Associates has successfully litigated disputes involving the distribution of wrongful death recoveries in courts throughout the entire New York metropolitan area. These issues can be extremely sensitive as they involve family members that are at odds about how the compensation should be distributed or may feel that they have more right to claim a larger amount of the settlement.

This can lead to great emotional upheaval on top of financial concerns. Dealing with this issue professionally and getting it resolved can be of extreme importance, particularly in cases in which the decedent was a breadwinner that was supporting the family and they are suffering severe financial strain. As it has taken time to get the wrongful death recovery, and over that period of time, the financial issues have become even more pressing, running into legal trouble or disagreements about the distribution of the compensation can be extremely distressing.

Contact a New York estate litigation lawyer from Novick & Associates, PC for immediate legal counsel if you If you suspect that your rights to a wrongful death recovery have been compromised.

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