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Probate Can Be a Long & Difficult Process. Work with Our Experienced Estate Litigation Attorneys to Ensure It Takes Place Fairly.

New York Probate Lawyer

Offering Probate Services

Have you lost a loved one and are facing the difficult task of handling his or her estate? At Novick & Associates, P.C., we are available to help you fulfill your duties as the estate administrator. We can guide you through the legal procedures involved in the decedent's estate, including the administration of assets.

As the executor, trustee, or administrator of an estate, you have the responsibility to navigate the complex legal matters involved and we can remain by your side during each step! Our New York probate attorneys have over 30 years of experience dealing with various estate challenges. Our goal is to preserve the sanctity of family members, especially when a complex estate threatens relationships.

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How Can a New York Probate Lawyer Help You?

Probate in New York can be a legal maze, and a seasoned probate lawyer is your key guide through it all. Here's a concise breakdown of how these legal professionals can ease the probate process:

  • Understanding of New York Probate Laws: A probate lawyer's expertise ensures adherence to New York's intricate probate regulations, minimizing errors and delays.

  • Streamlining Probate Procedures: Guiding the executor through filing documents and attending court hearings, a probate lawyer ensures a smooth progression of the probate process.
  • Dispute Resolution: In case of conflicts, a probate lawyer mediates disputes, preserving the deceased's intentions and family harmony.
  • Tax Management: Managing and minimizing estate taxes is a probate lawyer's forte, safeguarding the estate's value within New York's tax laws.
  • Creditor Claims Handling: Addressing creditor claims, a probate lawyer ensures valid claims are settled, protecting the estate from unwarranted financial losses.
  • Mediation Services: Acting as a neutral mediator, a probate lawyer helps resolve conflicts amicably, preventing costly legal battles among family members.

In essence, a New York probate lawyer is your indispensable partner, ensuring a fair and efficient probate process while navigating the complexities of state laws and familial dynamics.

Understanding Probate

Probate is the process of establishing the validity of a decedent's will and the distribution of his or her estate according to their last will and testament. It is a complex process that serves to follow through with the wishes of the decedent regarding his or her estate. The probate process can prove to be even more challenging if there is disagreement over the terms of the will.

Disagreements arise for any number of reasons, including but not limited to: dissatisfaction, grief, finances, misusing power of attorney, fraud, and other forms of disappointment revolving around an individual's estate. At Novick & Associates, P.C., our experienced team of New York probate lawyers can help you carry out your duties and handle the obstacles that arise. If the will is contested, you may be involved in a complex legal matter that will require the time and attention that we are prepared to offer.

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