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When a person is unable to manage his/her financial affairs or medical care and has not appointed someone to act on his/her behalf, a guardian may be appointed to manage the person's affairs or medical care. In some cases, a guardian must be appointed to manage an incapacitated person's affairs because another person, whether a family member, caregiver, friend or other individual has taken advantage of the incapacitated person's inability to understand his or her finances. Our law firm has extensive experience handling matters involving estate planning, including guardianship disputes such as Article 81 and Article 17A.

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Guardianship applications frequently must be made on an expedited basis in order to preserve or recover the incapacitated person's assets. A guardianship appointment will allow assets to be used to provide an incapacitated person with a safe and secure environment. At other times, a guardianship application must be filed to ensure the incapacitated person receives proper medical attention.

If you require assistance regarding a guardianship application, a New York estate litigation attorney from Novick & Associates, PC can assist you. Our firm has over 30 years of experience and has often assisted families to get these matters under control when their loved one is either in need of healthcare or is the target of an unscrupulous person that is taking advantage of them in their weakened state with regard to finances. These cases can include fraudulent transfers, either of property, bank accounts, or the misuse or sale of property owned by the individual. Taking action to ensure your loved one is protected from these activities is an urgent matter in many cases, and our firm is extremely qualified to assist in getting these issues resolved as quickly as possible.

Contact a New York estate litigation lawyer from our firm to discuss the issue of guardianship.

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