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When it comes to planning ahead, creating a living will or health care proxy can be very beneficial. Why? These tools allow you to lay out clear direction for the type of medical care or treatment you would like to receive, or avoid, in the case of an emergency and give power to a selected individual to make sure your wishes are carried out. For example, if you became incapacitated and could no longer communicate or make decisions regarding your healthcare, you would need someone to make those choices for you. Instead of leaving loved ones or doctors without any direction, utilizing a living will and health care proxy gives you and everyone peace of mind.

At Novick & Associates, PC, our New York estate planning lawyers have more than 30 years of insight and experience when it comes to estate planning matters. We can provide you with the guidance and clarity needed to create the living will and health care proxy you need for the future. From guardianship to wills and trusts, we can help clients with a broad range of estate planning matters.

How do living wills and health care proxies work?

When you create an estate plan, you can address much more than just finances and assets. You can also use an estate plan to lay out health care wishes. Living wills and health care proxies can be used to designate an individual, such as a trusted friend or loved one, to carry out your medical preferences. In order to do this, you must spe cifically create a health care proxy document that names the trusted individual of your choice. Second, you will want to create a living will, which will include your medical wishes and preferences.

These may include issues such as the following:

  • Surgical procedures
  • Blood transfusions
  • CPR
  • Any other life prolonging treatments

While it may seem difficult to think of such matters, it is important to take legal steps to protect your wishes, even in the event of incapacity. If you do not wish to have unnecessary treatments or procedures performed on you, it may be beneficial to include such desires in a living will. You will want to make sure you select an individual in your health care proxy that you can trust to faithfully carry out your wishes. They, and your doctor, will be legal obligated to do so and may face consequences if they do not.

Contact a New York living will lawyer from Novick & Associates, PC for information about living wills and healthcare proxies.

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