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Attorney John Graffeo Co-Chairs an "Evening with the Surrogates"

In November of last year, Attorney John Graffeo acted as the co-chair of a seminar titled “An Evening with the Surrogates.” This event hosted seven Surrogates serving in various counties throughout New York. As pointed out by one attendee, to have so many Surrogates present at one time is a rare and rather exciting occurrence.

The Surrogate’s Court of the State of New York is responsible for all probate and estate proceedings that occur in New York. Not only are wills probated in this court, but the estates of deceased individuals without wills are handled here, as well. The Judge of the Surrogate’s Court supervises unclaimed property of deceased individuals without wills.

Every county in the state has at least one Surrogate’s Court, while some of the larger counties, such as New York County and Kings County, have two. Surrogates are elected to either 10 or 14-year terms. Those who attended the seminar represented Nassau, Suffolk, Queens, New York, Kings, and Westchester counties.

What was discussed at the Surrogate seminar?

Presented by the Nassau Academy of Law and the Suffolk Academy of Law and hosted by NCBA and SCBA Surrogate’s Court Estates & Trusts Committees, more than 200 attorneys gathered in attendance at the seminar. These attorneys were privileged to listen as the Surrogates shared their own perspectives on serving within each county. The Surrogates on the panel answered questions and bantered back and forth with one another as the evening progressed. Five former Surrogates also attended and joined the discussion.

Attorney John Graffeo was thrilled to attend and act as the co-chair of this event. With nearly 20 years of experience behind him as a New York estate litigation attorney, this event was especially informative and engaging.