Same-Sex Couples and Estate Planning

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As same-sex couples have finally gained the right to marry in our state, issues involving estate planning need to be reviewed based upon the current law. Many arranged their estates based upon the earlier New York law, and there are issues related to federal law that can impact your estate and taxes. At the federal level, the rights of same-sex couples are still not recognized, and how to manage the process so that your partner does not run into legal trouble and complications is of great concern to many people. Our firm has over 30 years of experience in estate planning and litigation, and can assist you to arrange your affairs so that there is less possibility of difficulties with regard to the conflicts between state and federal law. We can assist same-sex couples with many aspects of estate planning, such as wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and more.

Conflicts Between State and Federal Law in Same-Sex Marriages and Estates

Asset transfer is an important issue that can affect same-sex couples at the federal level. This inequality creates specific issues that need to be addressed by a law firm that has the depth of insight and understanding of arranging an estate that resolves these complexities in the best way possible. Arranging an estate so that all the vital issues, including property transfers, healthcare, and other matters so that your partner does not face serious problems at your death can be discussed with our New York estate litigation lawyer.

We know the challenges that same-sex couples have encountered over the years in this area of the law and have a great insight into how best manage these issues and make arrangements that reflect their wishes and protect the rights of their beneficiaries. We hope that soon federal law will follow the example of many states, as well as New York, and end the inequality and end these issues. Until that time, we are here to help you plan your estate in a manner that protects your beneficiaries and reflects your wishes for your estate, your healthcare, and all other critical matters.

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