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Powers of attorney enable you to designate a trusted friend or family member to manage your personal and/or financial affairs in the event you become disabled. By having a power of attorney in place, you can avoid the expense of having a guardian appointed to manage your affairs if you become disabled. You can designate one or more persons to manage your financial affairs, either individually or jointly. A New York estate planning attorney from the firm can assist you.

The matter of who you select to manage your affairs should you become incapacitated could not be more important. Families may not agree on the critical issues of health care, how assets and property should be cared for and maintained, or may deeply disagree about a wide range of issues including health care, finances, property, and many others. Helping your heirs to avoid conflict is an important aspect of estate planning. Each individual will have a unique perspective on how they believe you would have wanted your life, health and finances managed. The person that needs to make these decisions is you. It is vital that you make your wishes clear with regard to these matters. The individual you select to manage your affairs through a power of attorney should be the individual that you trust to carry through with your intentions. This can be a family member, trusted friend or other person of your choice.

Powers of Attorney: A Vital Element in Estate Planning

Many families will have a smooth transition in these emotional issues as there is no question about what should be done; all the decisions are clearly outlined and the individual with power of attorney carefully carries through. There are cases in which a person who has power of attorney makes decisions that are not in accordance with the wishes of the person under their authority, and in such cases it may be necessary to engage in litigation to remove that person as power of attorney. Protecting your chosen heirs is a very important issue. Our estate planning attorney from Novick & Associates, PC will listen to you, and help you to create the best possible arrangement for your affairs that address all of these issues.

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